The Life and Death the Animus Project

I never really got a chance to write a post about Animus' life during its year-long tenure on this planet, and someday I'm sure I will. But today, I write about Animus' death.

One year ago I breathed life into a system called "Animus". Animus did a lot of things, but mainly it collected information on bad guys and gave it all away for free to other researchers and organizations so they could protect themselves. It was pretty cool, and I learned a lot from it.

Three weeks ago, I deactivated Animus. Subsequentially, the tireless Animus minion @Threatbot has been deactivated as well. I made this decision because I wasn't able to put enough time into it to maintain it, and I didn't want to see the quality of data it provided decline.

Now, I'm one of a handful of people building a system exponentially cooler and more powerful than Animus for an insanely cool organization. I'm truly excited about the future.

Animus data is still free to use for personal use, and I am willing to give the entire historical data set (logs, binaries, etc) away to the right researchers. If you are interested, contact me personally. Also, feel free to learn more about Animus by checking out the ShmooCon presentation I gave in 2015.

Thanks to everyone that helped me build it.

Goodnight, sweet Prince.